Spectral Blueing method helps the interpretation of seismic areas with too low amplitude values. It is a quick technique which can be easily applied on seismic data and improves the vertical resolution of seismic volumes. Following the same workflow as Coloured Inversion, this method is based on reflectivity time series computed from acoustic impedance well logs. It defines an operator used to increase the vertical resolution of seismic data.

Thanks to the interactivity of the PaleoScan™ software, the operator can be estimated in real time and quickly convolved to the seismic volume. The operator is obtained within the following workflow:


  • Average seismic spectrum estimation
  • Wells reflectivity spectra in a log/log scale
  • Wells impedance spectra in a log/log scale
  • Fitting of a trendline through these spectra
  • Compute the operator amplitude spectrum
  • Zero phase rotation


Spectral Blueing 05
Spectral Blueing 04